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Billy’s musical career spans the past four decades and many different musical genres, from R&B to Soul, from Country to Rock-n-roll. Often compared to the vocal stylings of the great blues singers, he remains one of the most respected and greatest vocalists of our time.

Billy Vera’s latest release is “Billy Vera Big Band Jazz”, a tribute to the Black songwriters of the 20s, 30s, & 40s. You can find out more here>>>

Not only is Billy Vera (born William McCord. on May 28, 1944 in Riverside, CA) a rock historian, he’s made some rock history himself over the last quarter century. Vera wrote for the likes of Barbara Lewis and Rick Nelson during the mid-’60s before recording his “Storybook Children” as an R&B duet with Judy Clay in 1967 for Atlantic. It proved a solid hit, as did their 1968 follow-up “Country Girl – City Man.” Vera re-surfaced as a solo artist in 1987 when “At This Moment,” a song he’d cut in 1981 with his band, Billy Vera & the Beaters, was featured on the popular TV sitcom Family Ties and topped the pop charts on Rhino. Vera has also compiled and annotated many CD reissue projects, notably the Legends of Specialty series.

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Billy and the Beaters play in Ventura Friday July 29. Details here


What did you think Billy Vera would do at this moment, when he established himself as a contemporary jazz artist in addition to being a 1960s R&B songwriter and a totally-’80s soft-rock star? His first foray into the field, “Big Band Jazz,” shows a clear understanding and love for classic blues and jazz tunes, like “Since I Fell for You,” and “I’ll Never Be Free,” the latter a duet with West Coast songstress Tamela D’Amico. Overall, his rough-hewn voice suggests a cross between Steve Tyrell and Dr. John, and his orchestral charts are excellent. But what makes the project truly worthwhile is Mr. Vera’s overwhelming passion for the material: When he sings “Room With a View,” it isn’t Noel Coward but a basic 12-bar blues. Unlike other pop artists who go Broadway or jazz (such as Rupert Holmes), Mr. Vera wisely doesn’t apologize for his hits.” – Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal

“Vera has obviously listened to many of the masters of the blues his…vocals reveal more than a ring of authenticity.  (H)e channels the influence through his own personality so that he is not merely aping the originators.” – Billboard

“Vera further demonstrates his love of jazz through the song selections. Instead of choosing obvious standards, he digs deeper…” – Kit O’Toole,
“A Must See Show!” – LA Weekly
“Billy Vera seizes ‘The Moment’” – LA Times
“Billy Vera is living proof that the cream does rise to the top.  –  Deborah Evans Price, American Songwriter Magazine
“Room With a View” features a playful piano intermingling with powerful brass that complements the picaresque journey Mr. Vera undertakes in this video nicely, a journey which ultimately leads him to a cabaret-style bar where he gets to see his mystery lady pull off some pretty impressive proto-twerk dance moves.” –
“Through thick and thin he is still here and he is staying true to his heart and his muse. When Vera talks about his life there is also a profound sense of insight into the history of the music business and the history of the United States. Changes in the economy, social changes, and changes in the music industry, are all component parts of his story. For over 50 years, Vera has managed to stay in the game.” – Scott Mitchell, All About Jazz
“…salute Black History Pioneer,  Billy Vera, writer and singer of a song that brought Blacks and whites together with one goal: let’s fall in love!  Damn, I thought that dude was black. Nope. He is white. He’s a credit to his race.  Vera’s voice is “Sexual White Chocolate.” – Tangela Ekhoff, Homegirl On the Range
“Billy Vera slays with his debut at the Syracuse Jazz Fest”  – The Post Standard
“Billy Vera Jazzes his way to new success.  There is a categorical difference between a one-hit wonder, and a career artist who happens to produce a hit so monumental, that it comes to define them.” – Mike Benheim, METRONEWS Canada
“Magnificent and accomplished are just two words that define Billy Vera. His proficient skills and artistic ways come naturally to him.” – Angel Rodriguez,
“Billy’s musical career spans the past four decades and many different musical genres, from R&B to soul, from country to rock-n-roll. Often compared to the vocal stylings of the great blues singers, he remains one of the most respected and greatest vocalists of our time.” -Stephanie Lyons,
He’s arguably most known for his huge hit, “At This Moment”, made famous on a couple of episodes of the hit TV show in the eighties, “Family Ties” and, more recently, enjoyed a resurgence in popularity when Canadian crooner, Michael Buble’, recorded it both in the studio and live.” – Rob Shanahan,
“At This Moment” holds up better than many ’80s chart-toppers, showcasing Vera’s blue-eyed soul crooning and The Beaters’ strong skills with keyboards and horns.: – Brandy McDonell, NewsOK
“While Billy Vera may be more identified with the song “At This Moment,” by music fans worldwide, those inside the music business also know him as a good songwriter who over the years wrote several hit songs, recorded by music legends. That does not happen unless you are tremendously gifted.” – Teri Alexis, Riveting Riffs Magazine

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BV Quick Facts

Some of the career highlights:
*”At This Moment” #1 January, 1987, exposed on NBC’s Family Ties
*1st hit record: “Storybook Children” duet with Judy Clay, Atlantic Records, 1967.
*2013 Grammy Win: Best Album Notes for the Ray Charles box set “Singular Genius: The Complete ABC Singles”.
*1st solo hit: “With Pen In Hand”, Atlantic, 1968.
*1st hit as a songwriter: “Mean Old World Ricky Nelson”, 1965.
*1st #1 as a songwriter: “I Really Got The Feeling”, Dolly Parton, 1979.
*1st Biggest selling song: At This Moment” thanks to Michael Buble’s CD “Crazy Love”, over eight million sold so far – and still going strong!
*2nd Biggest selling song: “Papa Come Quick (Jody & Chico)” on Bonnie Raitt’s “Luck of the Draw” – over 5 million to date.
*1st acting role: as Pinky Carruthers in
“The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai”
*1st #1 as a record producer: Lou Rawls’s Grammy-nominated “At Last”
*Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame near Capitol Records building.
*Peabody Award for Excellence in Radio Broadcasting.
*Noted music historian / has produced over 200 reissue albums.